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My First Blog

I write this from my hostel room at the Schools ICT Conference in Cape Town. Let me start off with – I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING! But that was also the case when I heard about web 2.0 tools for the first time. Everything I was told about web 2.0 tools was Greek to me. I met Maggie Verster through a mutual friend. Between the two of them, I was fed loads and loads of information. Nothing made sense. I was gently – sometimes forcefully – encourage to use the tools and familiarise myself with the working of web 2.0 tools. Networking – what an adaptation! I realised if I want to make use of other teachers and experts ideas and material they generously share on the net, I just had to start networking and LIKE IT! I put this blog out there for everyone to read and comment on… please do. Trial and error is the only way! Your input will be greatly appreciated. 



  Carolynn Bruton wrote @

Dear Yulandim
I think this is a great first blog and I hope that you will keep me posted when you continue with your writing. Who are you as it doesn’t seem obvious in your blog tho’ it seems that you attended the conference and found it inspiring – and probably didn’t get much sleep while you were there!
Best of blogging successes,
Carolynn B

  Ceanlia wrote @

Hey Yulandi! Was great meeting you…must admit..all this is very new to me tooooo~!! But…I love learning new things..I’m writing exams just now..so need some sleep…chat later again. Greetings. Ceanlia

  Yulandi wrote @

Hi Carolynn,
I’m sorry not for introducing myself properly. My name is Yulandi; yes I did attend the conference independently. It was a great learning experience for me totally shook me out of my box.
I was involved in homeschooling till recently. I’m still involved with homeschooling as my youngest daughter attends a local centre for homeschoolers.
I, however, now teach EMS grade 7 and 8 at an independent school. I’m from Limpopo and a town called Burgersfort.
My mission is to introduce everyone in education, I come into contact with, all I have learned at the conference and maybe even get a few schools from this side to attend next time. Thank you for your comment.

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