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Using Mxit in education is becoming a reality. Even though this is not in the classroom, I’m sure similar scenarios can be created in the classroom.

I home school my youngest daughter and until recently I was involved at a centre she attends. Homeschooling is based on the principals of distance learning. Mostly the kids need supervision and guidance. No formal lessons are presented.

However in the fourth term I started teaching at a local private school. I bought a new simcard and loaded Mxit pc, to help learners with subjects I was supervising.

All the learners, at the centre, were given the relevant info to invite me. I explained personally how it worked and what they should expect.

At first it did not seem like a good idea.

Some invited me but never asked any questions. The breakthrough came when a former learner asked for extra lessons. Working during the days presented problems.

After explaining the opportunities Mxit presented to her parents, she invited me. The picture on the left shows how easily information is distributed between a learner and tutor. This is a Grade 11 CAT learner without any internet access at home. She attends lessons once a week. Some assignments are handed in via email (Internet Cafe). Feed back on this is done via Mxit.


· It might take longer for the learner to get an answer to a problem.

· Language can also be a problem since the learner is Afrikaans speaking and most replies are in English. Translating is sometimes difficult.

· Messages might get lost both ways.


· Information is at the learner’s fingertips without visiting an internet cafe.

· Time saving, I do not have to spend an hour explaining. A simple explanation is typed and sent on Mxit

· Cost effective regarding tutoring fees and travelling expenses.


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  Melanie wrote @

That`s more like it!Find something you are familiar with, and work with it!You go girl!

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