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Mxit – Improving


Safety for our young on the net is coming along slowly. Mxit, has such a huge impact on teenagers, are scoring points with this press release. However I wonder if there is someone who knows exactly how to go about blocking these chat rooms? I have registered to the site forum(http://www.mxit.co.za/web/index.htm) on 18 December 2008, and asked my questions on how to use the blocking feature. Alas I’m still awaiting a reply!

MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd,

Press Release

14 November 2008, Stellenbosch

MXit to implement Trial Parental Control of Chatrooms

“The development of functionality to disable public chatrooms for minors within MXit will commence

shortly and we aim to implement this feature before the school holidays”, says Herman Heunis, CEO of


“The merits of this have been under discussion for a very long time and we feel the time is ripe to test

the water. More and more young children are being banned from MXit by their parents but

unfortunately this doesn’t prevent them from signing on to other internet chat services all over the

world, where they may not have the same protection as MXit provides, such as age restrictions,

moderation, profanity filters, report abuse process, etc.

We would like to make it clear to parents that this initiative by MXit does not mean that they have no

further responsibility. Giving a phone to a youngster with internet access requires a parent to set the

relevant rules. We urge parents to go to our website and read the safety features at

http://www.mxit.com/web/parents.htm. Technology used correctly is a wonderful addition to our

society, but requires maturity and responsible behaviour.

We will evaluate the uptake of this feature during the school holidays and monitor the general

behaviour of our users before we make a final decision on whether to implement it permanently for our

RSA and international user bases, and in what form.

This solution will ensure that concerned parents of young users can disable the use of all public

chatrooms via a password. The enabling of chatrooms again will require the exact password to be sent to our service from the particular MXit account. This service will be free of charge.”



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  Marinda wrote @

After careful consideration on my side and the encouragement from other concerned parents I thought it well to give my own opinion.
However Mxit has made our world a lot smaller and most adults use it to communicate it still bears the threat I do not wish to have my 11 year old exposed to. I would like to commend Herman Heunis for his action to control the chatrooms but as you have said why is it that not all parents are aware of the measure being put in place.
Mr. Heunis please do us all a favour and publish this on Mxit. Might make it a lot easier for all of us to access?
Further more I think it is about time that someone asked some questions since not all have inquisitive minds.

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