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What an experience!

As most South African knows we waited and waited for the longest time for the Grade 12 results of 2008 to be published.

30 December 2008 results for Lydenburg High School were available. But as in the rest of South Africa some results were pending. With the results we had for my daughter we set off to Pretoria, a 400km drive. The first morning the papers warned of queues at the University stretching up to a kilometre. We decided online registration is the best option. While in the city we made the most of it and did all the shopping and site seeing that could be fitted into one day.

Shocked I realised the registration process for UNISA has changed. Prospective students are required to register at a central office (CAO – Central Applications Office) in Durban. This can be done via the internet at or via fax. The information for both the registration options is available on the CAO site or UNISA online (http://www.unisa.ac.za/ ). The problem for most students was that the preliminary registration with CAO was not publically promoted. Imagine standing in a queue for a day, only to be told to register with CAO and come back in a few days and face a kilometre long queue – Again!

Internet access speeds up the process. Yet we had to wait another two weeks for the preliminary registration to be finalised.

The fact that marks were pending for at least another two weeks did not help. UNISA registration closed on 22 January 2009. On the 23 January 2009 we received a registration number. I was assured by the CAO that the pending marks and delay in registration will not affect further registration. I immediately started the online process with UNISA. The walk through process is quite easy and obvious. It is important though to have the different module codes, for your field of study, close at hand as these are required to complete the second leg of the registration.

The codes are available on the UNISA site in pdf.file form. Click on the ‘Register at UNISA’ button. Then ‘Study Information – UNISA Formal Study Programmes, choose your department of choice. Select your study of choice from the next few pages. Search for the Link to full calendar information (PDF) at the top of the information page. It’s in grey scale and very small font.

The online registration with UNISA is pretty straight forward. A calculation of study fees, after web registration, is done. It is advisable to choose email as your main communication method with UNISA, they offer free email for life.

Delivery of study material can be posted or couriered – which is more reliable. The minimum amount should be paid before any admin will be done on your registration. An electronically generated email is sent to confirm you registration. Registration should be completed within two weeks.

Voila and your studies can begin in all earnest!


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