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Mxit – Blocking a Chat Room


So many articles has been written about the dangers of Mxit not to mention the ways of keeping children safe on South Africa’s most popular instant messaging service, Mxit.

Like I mentioned before blocking of chat rooms is now available. The operation is pretty straight forward. Before going into the steps, well done Herman Heunis and team! This will surely make using Mxit much safer for our kids.

To block the zones log on with the registered number which you wish to block. Send a blank chat message to Info.

1.      Open menu number 10 (Chat Zone Block).

It’s maybe a good idea to select the option to read about the blocking process in this menu (About blocking Chat Zones & How to Block Chat Zones)

2.      Choose the menu (Block Chat Zones)

3.      Yet again you will be asked to choose the menu (Block Chat Zones) or you can type in the number 1.

4.      A password is required. Please make sure it’s something that you will remember but also not easy to guess by the kids. The password can be alphanumeric and is not case sensitive. You will be prompted to retype the password.

5.      To verify the password, you will be requested to type a question and the answer to it. The question will be used for verification when retrieving a password.

What to expect when zones are is blocked:

a)      Any messages bought for a chat room will not be lost but will not be refunded. If the zones are unblocked these messages will be available once more.

b)      If a child is busy chatting in a chat room, while the zones are being blocked, they will be able to continue chatting in the specific zone. However if chatting is suspended for five minutes the chat room will also be blocked.

c)      The good news is that the blocking process is also available on Mxit pc.

To unblock zones follow the prompts under the same menu – Chat Zone Block. You will need the password. If you have forgotten your password select the ‘forgotten password’ option. The verification question and answer will be required. If both are entered correctly the password will be displayed. After 3 attempts the unblocking password option is locked for 23hours.

This will surely help in safe guarding our children.



  erbro wrote @

Great post Yulandi.

Good information to know – I will pass it on to my parents….

  Maggie wrote @

Thanx Yolandi,

Some dumb question. Does this block their access to ALL chatrooms or just a specific chatroom?

  Yulandi wrote @

Hi Maggie,
No all chat zones will be blocked. This includes the teenage chatrooms.

  School 2.0 Bookmarks (weekly) | School 2.0 in SA wrote @

[…] Mxit – Blocking a Chat Room […]

  diginomics wrote @

O wow, cool post with really good instructions. Thanks.

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