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Blocking Mxit Chat Zones – A Visual Guide

Previously I wrote about blocking chat zones on Mxit. With the help and advice of a friend I’m posting a visual step by step tutorial to block Mxit chat zones.

There is one misconception keeps cropping up that needs to be cleared up. Mxit is NOT a chat room. Mxit is a mobile Instant Messaging (IM) service that works in much the same way that Skype and messenger does. You can, however, subscribe to Chat Rooms in Mxit and to chat to people you don’t know. This is NOT recommended as you never know whom you are chatting to. A lot of Mxit’s negative publicity comes out of these Chat Rooms; hence this article.
Here it goes:

1.  When Mxit opens you will see the menu below.


2.  Click on Info:

This will bring up the following menu:


3.  Click item 10) Chat Zone Block
Brings up the following:


4.  Click 1) Block Chat Zones


5.  You are then asked to enter a password


6.  A long process of confirming the password, and setting up a password retrieval question then follows
NOTE: I have used 1234 for all these options. This is NOT recommended. Passwords are easy to crack, so choose a good one.


By clicking 1) Yes, the chat rooms are now blocked. The same process can be followed to unblock the Chat Rooms.



  Maggie wrote @

Thank you so much for this – will go and try it out….Will let you know if I have any hassles! You will become our local Mxit expert for parents and teachers!

  Maggie wrote @

Okay- now the next million dollar question. How “ethical” is it to take our kids/learners cellphones and block the chat rooms? Will they allow us, and will that not just result in them …..using another cellphone? I take it that even if they put another sim card in – the chat rooms will still be blocked

Or do we just use it as a deterrent eg. If you are good – we will open it- if you are bad- we will lock it????


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