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How to download Mxit for your PC

Mxit PC Front page

The download process for Mxit PC is fairly easy, since Mxit PC is now available in Beta.

1.  An existing Mxit account created on your cell phone is needed before proceeding with the Mxit PC download.

2.  This can be downloaded from www.mxit.co.za/wap

Short overview on downloading Mxit for your phone…

•  Just follow the prompts on the site. Mxit is then stored in the applications or games files of your cell phone.

•  Open the Mxit icon and again follow the prompts.

•  Keep the username and password close as you will need this for your registration on your pc.

3.  Go to: http://www.mxit.com/mxitpc/ Follow the steps and download.

The page looks something like this.

'MXit PC Client Download' - www_mxit_com_mxitpc

4. The download is 6MB. Sometimes you have to enter the “code before downloading” twice. This is to protect  you from spammers.

5.  Save the application in a place where you can find it again. On your desktop is the easiest and can be moved after installation.

6.  Open the saved file (double click) and the installation shield will open automatically.

7.  Follow the prompts.

8.  A shortcut for Mxit will be stored on your desktop.

9.  Open the shortcut – your internet connection should be active at this stage.

10.  You will be asked to enter your username and password.

11.  Connect and voila you ready to chat!

Remember that when you using the chat rooms you still need to buy “Moola” from your phone. You can’t be logged into Mxit with your phone and computer at the same time. An error message “your current session has expired” will appear if you login on one or the other at the same time.

If you do experience problems please leave me a note and I will help where I can.


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