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My First Blog

I write this from my hostel room at the Schools ICT Conference in Cape Town. Let me start off with – I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING! But that was also the case when I heard about web 2.0 tools for the first time. Everything I was told about web 2.0 tools was Greek to me. I met Maggie Verster through a mutual friend. Between the two of them, I was fed loads and loads of information. Nothing made sense. I was gently – sometimes forcefully – encourage to use the tools and familiarise myself with the working of web 2.0 tools. Networking – what an adaptation! I realised if I want to make use of other teachers and experts ideas and material they generously share on the net, I just had to start networking and LIKE IT! I put this blog out there for everyone to read and comment on… please do. Trial and error is the only way! Your input will be greatly appreciated. 

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