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Blocking Mxit Chat Zones – A Visual Guide

Previously I wrote about blocking chat zones on Mxit. With the help and advice of a friend I’m posting a visual step by step tutorial to block Mxit chat zones.

There is one misconception keeps cropping up that needs to be cleared up. Mxit is NOT a chat room. Mxit is a mobile Instant Messaging (IM) service that works in much the same way that Skype and messenger does. You can, however, subscribe to Chat Rooms in Mxit and to chat to people you don’t know. This is NOT recommended as you never know whom you are chatting to. A lot of Mxit’s negative publicity comes out of these Chat Rooms; hence this article.
Here it goes:

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Using Mxit in the Classroom

After a parents meeting on Wednesday (8 Oct 08) I talked about Dr Math on Mxit. I bought a new simcard reloaded Mxit and provided the number and Dr Math’s number to the parents at our local homeschooling centre. Needless to say the parents weren’t impressed. I do find this kind of prejudice everywhere. Worse, the kids simply ignored the opportunity. Dead end?

I really don’t know.

Maybe this is all too new for the region I’m in. I also informed teachers, at the school where I’m at, of the possibility of using Mxit or Face-book in the classroom. Dead end again.

I will give everyone a time out from my enthusiasm and just maybe they will come around.

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