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Blocking Mxit Chat Zones – A Visual Guide

Previously I wrote about blocking chat zones on Mxit. With the help and advice of a friend I’m posting a visual step by step tutorial to block Mxit chat zones.

There is one misconception keeps cropping up that needs to be cleared up. Mxit is NOT a chat room. Mxit is a mobile Instant Messaging (IM) service that works in much the same way that Skype and messenger does. You can, however, subscribe to Chat Rooms in Mxit and to chat to people you don’t know. This is NOT recommended as you never know whom you are chatting to. A lot of Mxit’s negative publicity comes out of these Chat Rooms; hence this article.
Here it goes:

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A New Path

30 September 2008 – Arriving in a cold and wet CT was certainly not a premonition of what was to come. The friendly and helpful staff of The Cape Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology made sure we all were fed and knew our way around the campus.

One lecture after the other can only be described as awesome! The innovative and enthusiastic ideas of ordinary teachers to incorporate technology into their classrooms made me stand still and realise I’m not on this bus and its leaving soon. Cell phone use to teach learners seem very popular. As far as I know it’s banned in most schools. But there are teachers that have been using cell phones successful in their classrooms. Not only are learners learning but enjoying it. Using the web is also very popular. Wiki sites are easy to build and get learners not only to do assignments but different learning areas are incorporated at the same time, computer skills are learned along the way.

All of this is so amazing and it will take a lot of blogs to explain how every teacher used technology to their and their learners’ advantage. After careful thought I have decided to at least try some of the innovative ideas. My blogs from now on will follow my progress in learning and applying technology into the class room.

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